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Who We Are & What We Do

Our Hockey House (OHH) works to grow the love of hockey by making it accessible to the youth of Indianapolis.  We build hockey awareness through school programing and provide free and affordable youth hockey development programs.



Our mission is to introduce hockey to the community, and provide programs, in ways that foster a lifelong love of the sport.  We're making hockey accessible for kids who may never have had the opportunity.



"We see a future where involvement in hockey is no longer defined by where one lives and how much money they have, but rather the hard work and dedication they are willing to put into growing themselves, their team, and their community." - Michelle Farley (Founder)

We work to  introduce hockey to as many kids as possible, and provide access to credible hockey development programs that grow players both on and off the ice.


With the help of our generous sponsors, donors, and partners we provide all of our programs at little or no cost for the player or families.  Together we are breaking the barriers that prevent kids from playing hockey. We do this by providing everything they need to be a successful hockey player (such as equipment, gear, training, ice time, membership fees, etc.). 


We also provide transportation, nutrition, and mentorship to the kids in our programs who need it. 

We're working to build a thriving hockey community in Lawrence (on and off ice), and hope to bring back the High School Hockey Team 2024-2025  

If you are an alumni that would like to volunteer to help the High School Development program please reach out by clicking here.








Meet the Team

_Elegant Inspiration Mood Photo Collage Portrait Instagram Post.png

Michelle Farley

Founder / CEO /

Skating Development Coach


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Theresa Darling

Board of Directors /

Outreach and Communications


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Pat Murray

Staff Photos OHH.png

Larry McQueary

Board Member


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