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Programs & Services

Free and Affordable Street / Ice Hockey Programs

Our Programs

OHH Works to provide affordable hockey programs for kids from selected schools in Indianapolis.  The only cost it their dedication, hard work, and good attitude.


We believe kids deserve an equal opportunity to learn and grow through the sport of hockey.  If they show up, are coachable, and have a good attitude...we will do everything we can to support their growth and development, on and off the ice, at the rink and in life.




After School Program

(Intermural) (Grades: 3-8)

(Offered at selected schools) 


NHL Street Youth Hockey League

After School and Summer Leagues (Intermural) (Grades: 3-8)


Summer Program

Street Hockey Leagues

Stick handling and Shooting Development

Skating Development

Game Knowledge and Video Study

Ice Hockey Program

Selected kids gain free access to ice hockey training, development, and sponsorships by application, nomination, or participation our after-school and summer programs, either

Our Hockey HOUSE

Our Hockey House is a place where kids can receive encouragement and support, on and off the ice.  We aim to meet the needs of the community, and create a healthy balanced environment to foster the love of hockey. 


Quality Training 

Our training incorporates quality coaching in skating, stickhandling/shooting skills, and game knowledge.  Our innovative team leaders blend traditional teaching with leading edge training, to provide the kids in our program with a well rounded experience.   

We also partner with other organizations and special guests to provide additional training and opportunities.

Free Transportation

We provide transportation from Lawrence Township Schools, to our facility.  We also take the kids home after practice.  For games, we provide to and from transportation for kids that need it.

Snacks and Meals Available

We provide after school snacks and meals for the kids in our programs who need them. Many kids from our schools are on food assistance programs.  We see this is opportunity to incorporate another meal for the kids who need them.  Left over meals will be sent home to families that request aid.

Life Skills

We believe in balance. 

Work and Rest Balance + Mind, Body, Soul Wellness. 

We incorporate meditation, preventative and recovery stretching, rest and recovery days

(where we learn about nutrition, study footage, etc.), flexibility in team schedule and more,

to promote balance in all areas.

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